Why Your Muscles Are Sore

Today I talk about an article I read at Sparkpeople.com (I wrote about this on a previous weight loss blog) she explains how it is completely natural to gain some weight when you first start. The problem is this is very discouraging to people who have jumped on the weight loss band wagon, and they quit. The bottom line is – don't quit. Weight loss is right around the corner.

Check Your Statistics Before Using Supplements

Jillian Michaels launched a line of weight loss supplements last year. She caught some flack about it as she is all about the workout and calories in and calories out. In a nutshell these are not intended to replace diet and exercise, but enhance them. When the Maximum Fat Burn went on sale I decided to try it.  It was $30 for a two week supply (taking 4 pills a day) and so it ran me a buck a day. I figured it was worth a shot. I would continue doing what I always do, and see if they made a difference. I never got to day two. Here is why.

All my life I've had borderline high blood pressure. Not enough to get me on meds, but pretty much my doctors had come to the conclusion that my normal was “a little higher than everyone else.” I had measured most of my other statistics, and remembered that I had not measured my blood pressure. When I did at the local grocery store, it was 159/90 (not good at all). So after taking the pills for one day, I abandoned them. I'm not saying they gave me high blood pressure. I'm saying I'm not a good specimen to be using supplements. I'm just glad I have my Omron HEM- 790IT blood pressure monitor

Dave's Birthday Gift

I turn 45 next week (the 8th) and I've been obsessing over the Kindle ebook reader at Amazon.com they are soooo cool. I read a lot anyways, and if I had one of these I could read even more things to share on the podcast. The bad news is by the time you pay for shipping and a warranty the Kindle is about $300 bucks. Well a friend of mine told me how The Rock and Roll geek audience sent the host to London (to the tune of about $1800) and he is convinced that my audience will pony up $300 for a birthday gift that in the end will benefit them I don't know (I've tried fund raisers in the past and it's just been embarrassing). DONATE TODAY.

You Don’t Have To Kill Yourself on the Treadmill

Today I talk about using some advice from Jillian Michaels, and she recommends your target heart rate is at 80% of your maximum heart rate (your maximum is roughly calculated as 220 minus your age – so take that number and multiply it by .80 and be sure to ask your doctor if this is OK for you).

I found out that once I jogged for a few seconds to get my heart rate up, I could simply do a brisk walk to keep it there. It was not too hard, but not to easy, and it really made me sweat. Likewise, I did a “work out ” at home on my Tony Little Gazzelle (on the easiest setting) and just mailed it in (with my heart rate about 55%). I burned less than half the calories. While its good to start slow, now that I've been exercising for a few weeks I want to make the most out of my workouts. You can to without killing yourself on the treadmill or exercise equipment of your choice. If you need a hear rate monitor check out shop.logicalloss.com

Logical Weight Loss Tips

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