Tips to Help You Lose 100 lbs.

I read a great article on WebMD that has 10 tips for losing 100 lbs.

1 .Shrink yourself – What is the extra weight doing for you?
2. Are you ready? – Seriously are you ready? Do one thing at a time
3. Consider the options – Supervised, alone, with a partner, etc.
4. Build in accountability – hold yourself accountable.
5. Adjust your expectations – It took a while to add this weight, its not coming off over night.
6. Develop a healthy selfishness – put yourself first so you will be around tomorrow
7. Fat proof your environment – if needed have the kids put their chips in their room.
8. Pick the brain of healthy people – find out what they do, and do it.
9. Find you secret weapons – keep track of your progress.
10. Reward yourself – but no food rewards.

What does 100 pounds look like? Like THIS:

100 Pounds of fat

What is eDiets?

I just spent some time playing aroudn It asked me a bucnh of questions including what I like to eat, my schedule, my goals, and my current exercise routine. Then it provided me with three different plans to choose from (or I could choose from others, as they have a ton of different plans). The site provides live support from dieticians. I found that very interesting. That might help in those times of crisis. They have a virutal trainer which looks pretty cool.

If you need more support there are over 80 support boards including Nutrition Support, New Members, and Get Motivated Board.

If you were to get a dietician, or a membership with weekly meetings, or a trainer, those would all add up. I was really surprised when I saw they were having a special dieal with 45% off. Their price is usually 9.995 a week, but now $4.49. You might want to check it out. Their website shows that if you don't reach your goals in 6 months they will give you another 6 months free.

Logical Weight Loss Tips

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