You Don’t Have To Kill Yourself on the Treadmill

Today I talk about using some advice from Jillian Michaels, and she recommends your target heart rate is at 80% of your maximum heart rate (your maximum is roughly calculated as 220 minus your age – so take that number and multiply it by .80 and be sure to ask your doctor if this is OK for you).

I found out that once I jogged for a few seconds to get my heart rate up, I could simply do a brisk walk to keep it there. It was not too hard, but not to easy, and it really made me sweat. Likewise, I did a “work out ” at home on my Tony Little Gazzelle (on the easiest setting) and just mailed it in (with my heart rate about 55%). I burned less than half the calories. While its good to start slow, now that I've been exercising for a few weeks I want to make the most out of my workouts. You can to without killing yourself on the treadmill or exercise equipment of your choice. If you need a hear rate monitor check out

Do Less Intense Workouts Burn More Fat?

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Heart Rate ZoneI've heard that exercising at a less intense pace it burns more fat. Burning at an intense rate burns more sugar. This is true. According to you burn “Low intensity training burns about 50% fat for energy while high intensity training burns about 40% fat for energy. This is not a huge difference.

Say, for example, walking for 20 minutes burns 100 calories. Then 50% of 100 calories is 50 fat-calories burned.

Now say 10 minutes of high intensity interval training burns 160 calories. Well, 40% of 160 calories is 64 fat-calories burned.

BOTTOM LINE: I spent some time exercising at 56% to 70% of my maximum heart rate and still broke a sweat. So if you can only workout at that pace – DO IT. Remember 60% of your maximum rate is still more calories than you will burn sitting on the couch.

Calculating your maximum hear rate

Take your age and subtract it from 220. So for me (I'm 43 for a few more days) that would be 220-43 = 177. That is my maximum heart rate.  If I want to exercise at 60-85% of my maximum heart I do the following:

Multiple 177 by .6 = 106 beats per minute. This is the lowest my heart should beat during exercise.

Then I multiple 177 by .85 = 150 beats per minute.  So I can st my heart rate monitor to beep when I go below 106 and beep if I go above 150 beats per minute.  I use the Polar F6 heart rate monitor (they also have a ladies version)

Jillian Michaels Radio Show

Thanks to Greg for the heads up on the Jillian Michaels radio show that you can get as a podcast. Copy this URL and paste it into iTunes (advanced menu, subscribe to podcast, and pate the URL)

Now you will get other shows. However, when you first sign up you can “get” just the episodes of Jillian.

I've also signed up for the Jillian Michaels website. My first impression was “OK” but the site is very slow at times. It's $52 bucks for 13 weeks.

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