Are Prepackaged Meals a True Solution?

I recently start stopping by a blog called “Escape from Obesity” where Lyn is a stay at home mom who is trying to lose weight. She writes down everything she eats on her blog and keeps you in the loop. Recently she started using Medifast as a weight loss too. Here is what she had to say about the meals:

Medifast Plus Shakes for Appetite SuppressionPros:
It's easier than all the prepping I was doing before.
The food is palatable but not so fantastically delicious that I want to binge on it.
I am learning to eat on a regular schedule to keep my blood sugar stable.
I am finally getting enough protein.
I am out of the sugar fog and off of addictive foods.
No cravings, no binges.
I feel better… more clear-headed, more relaxed about food.
I'm getting out of my rut.

The breakfasts, snacks, and lunches are not nearly as delicious as the food I was eating before.

But I know I have not given up that way of eating forever. I look forward to eating my home-cooked, healthy meals again (while counting calories and changing my plan up a bit) after I get to a lower weight and regain my ability to exercise consistently without a lot of pain.

You can read her full review here

Medifast Does Work

My wife lost a large amount of weight using Medifast before she met me. She also gained the weight back when she returned to “regular” food. For this reason, I see Medifast as something that may not be the long term cure for your weight loss issue. Currently my wife is exercising with my a few days a week at the gym for 60 minutes each session and she has lost close to 10 lbs.

That is my question to you. Have you use any “pre-packaged” food plans that worked for years? Did you go back to “regular” food?

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