Why We’re Fat… Continued

I have mentioned in the past that things have changed a lot over the past 20 or so years.  Our jobs are not as active, and our food has grown. What use to be one serving years today, would be three servings back in the day. Here are some more examples.

20 years ago: Chicken Stir Fry was 2 cups with 435 calories
Today's portion: 865 calories

20 years ago: a chocolate chip cookies was 1-1/2 inches in diameter and had 55 calories
Today's portion: a large cookie has about 275 calories

20 years ago: an 8 ounce cup of coffee (with whole milk and sugar) had 45 calories
Today's portion: a 16 ounce cup of Mocha Coffee (with steamed whole milk and mocha syrup) has 350 calories

20 years ago: a blueberry muffin was 1.5 ounces and had 210 calories
Today's portion: 5 ounces with 500 calories

20 years ago: 2 large slices of pepperoni pizza had 500 calories
Today's portion: 850 calories

20 years ago: a Caesar salad with chicken was 1-1/2 cups and had 390 calories
Today's portion: 3 cups, and it has about 790 calories

20 years ago: a slice of cheesecake was 260 calories
Today's portion: a large piece of cheesecake has about 640 calories

So keep in mind if you are “just eating one” you may as well be eating three. If you're eating out, ask for a box when the food arrives and put half of it in the box (and eat it for lunch tomorrow).


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