Hungry For Balance

Bob Greene's “Back to Business” Plan

One of the things I liked in this Oprah magazine was an article by Bob Greene that walked you through 12 weeks of getting back into shape. It showed how t0 start slow, and gradually increase the exercise intensity and more. You can read about the Back to Business Plan at Oprah's site.

What Oprah is Hungry for – Balance

A friend of mine had an old Oprah magazine lying around. If showed skinny Oprah standing next to fatty Oprah. I read the article and one of the coolest things Oprah pointed out is that if you are looking for an excuse to not exercise YOU WILL FIND ONE. Just like our previous episode, if you quit exercising you will gain weight. It's a simple fact, exercise burns calories, and if you are not burning calories, then you are gaining weight.

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Biggest Loser Winners show that age is not a consideration.

Kirstie Alley – All or Nothing Doesn’t Work

Kristie Alley on the Cover of People Magazine Today I record a podcast in the car. I'm talking about Kirstie Alley who has gained 83 lbs (I mistakenly said 86 lbs). She explains to Oprah that she just quit doing what she did to lose the weight in the first place.  I also have a sneaking suspicion that she did this for exposure as she is planning on releasing her own weight loss program (after she loses the weight).

Are we surprised that she gained the weight? She ate better, and exercised, and she lost weight. Now she has quit doing those things and she gained all of her weight, and even more.

We need to stop the all or nothing mentality and strive for a balance.  Just because you have a bad day, you shouldn't go “I know I couldn't do it and quit.” Get back on the horse, plan for those times when you can't avoid the cake, and try to find balance. Never, EVER, give up.

Here is a reporter with some excerpts from Kirstie on Oprah.

Logical Weight Loss Tips

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