Fake it Till You Make it

In today's podcast we talk about caring about yourself, liking yourself, loving yourself. What if you don't? Then fake it till you make it. You can also think of the others that rely on you and get healthy for them. So for now, you may not like exercise but let's pretend you do. I've never got done exercising and said, “I hated that.” I may wake up the next day and be a little sore, but that's just my muscles growing. My high school teacher put it this way (after I got fired from a Grocery store for being too shy), “Act the way you want to be and eventually you will be the way you want to act.”

Too Hot To Exercise – Easy Fix

I burn very easily when I get in the sun, so walking during the day is a very dangerous thing for me (I use sun block that might as well be elmers glue). I have found that if you push yourself away from the dinner table, you can catch some great sunsets and get your walk in before you go to bed. It's cooler, and many times (in Ohio) there is a breeze (and it's actualyl relaxing).

Portion Control is Key

If you look at a label you may be surprised that the one container of (insert product here) you may actually be drinking two servings (so the calories you are drinking need to be doubled).  Likewise you need to know how many calroies you are burning (see this tool). Keep in mind that a single serving of steak is 3 oz and you can order at 12 oz steak in many restaurants. This means you are eating three extra portions of steak (600 extra calories). Some tools you can use to help you with this is the portion control plate (see below) and a digital food scale so you are accurate in entering your food.

Body Media Vs Bodybugg – What's the Difference?

When I was at Blogworld NYC I came across a bodymedia booth. So I asked them what the difference was between a bodymedia and a bodybugg, and it was exactly what I thought. Bodymedia supplies the technology, and a Bodybugg handles their own software. When I used a bodybugg, I found their software a bit clunky. It worked. It did the job, but it didn't exactly scream “cool.” Body media seems to have their software a little more polished. The prices are abuot the same and you get six months free use of their software.

If you are looking for an accurate way to count how many calories you are burning, this is the system for you.


Striiv Ads Social Tools To It's Platform

I've always said the Striiv is the suped up pedometer/game for those who don't have a computer. I don't sync mine too often (no need to), but when I did I saw where they had added some new features. If someone you know has a Striiv you can race each other and watch each other's progress (via bluetooth that's built into the unit). This adds some more fun to an already fun motivational tool. Watch this video to see someone with two Stiiv units race against each other. I noticed there is a “Firends” feature in the display (that wasn't there before) so I'll be updating you on that in the future as well.

Music Used in Today's Episode

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