Switch 2 Health Replay

I finally got a chance to strap on the Switch 2 Health Replay and see what it does.

What is it? It is a motion sensor that tracks your movement. This needs to be more than a quiet walk in the park. For me when I was on an elliptical machine, when I jogged, it was happy. When I was riding my bike (where my upper body doesn't move) it wasn't (unless I swung my arm). In no time I had reached my 60 minute goal, and I went to the website and entered the code that was displayed on the unit. There are no wires to connect, and no monthly fees. You just move, the Replay tracks your activity and you win rewards.

You can exercise 10 minutes today, 20 minutes tomorrow, and thirty minutes on the weekend. Its adds up your activity time automatically.

You can exchange the points for rewards (like gift cards from iTunes, Best Buy, Barnes & Nobel, Game Stop, along with Nintendo Wii, Playstation, and other items). For example to get a $10 iTunes card I would have to move for 22 hours.  When you achieve your 60 minutes of activity, your unit will display your code until you clear it.  With this in mind you could get the code, write it down, reset the unit, and have another code in 60 minutes.

The straps come in multiple colors and sizes and are made of soft silicone. Moving the unit from one strap to another is a breeze. I can think back to all the times I accidentally cut someone with my watch playing basketball, and with these straps that will not longer be an issue.

If you are a competitive person, their website has “leader boards” that display the people who have uploaded the most (ever), and the leaders broken down by the week, the month, and what state you live in.

While I originally thought the Replay was for young adults, I can see where a family could purchase the Replay for ever member of the family (they are $19.95) and make a friendly competition to see who has the most active hours.

If you're not worried about steps, or calories burned, and just want to have some fun staying active (and getting free rewards) the S2h Replay is the fitness tool for you.  You can get them at amazon.com for $19.95

S2H Replay – Family Fun Fitness Tool

I just found out about this great new tool to motivate people of all ages to get up and get active. It's called Switch2Health (S2H for short). Here is the description from amazon.com

The S2H REPLAY is a clever new product that gives everyone an exciting way to engage in physical activity while earning great rewards (Nintendo Wiis, Wii Fits, iTunes, movie tickets, DVDs etc).

The S2H REPLAY displays the time and date, an activity coach and activity monitor which records your moderate to intensive activity.

Unlike pedometers that only calculate steps, the S2H REPLAY calculates many activities such as running, dancing and sports, subdividing the 60-minutes requirement into twenty 3-minute segments.  Fill all four activity bars in one hour to reveal your REWARD CODE.

Your activity coach will show you a happy face when you are doing the right kind of activity as you progress towards your reward code. Enter your reward code on our website each day to accumulate S2H Points. You will earn 60 points for each REWARD CODE that you upload into your account.

For those fasion concious there are interchangable arm bands. It displays the time and date, is water resistant, is made of a 100% soft silicone, and there is no need to replace the battery, and no wires to connect.

These S2H Points will enable you to cash-in energy expended during physical activity for rewards. Once uploaded, you can reset the S2H REPLAY and continue being active- the more active you are, the more points you will collect and the more rewards you will earn. It's like a gift that keeps on giving! Sizes are as follows- Small- 143mm (5.65 inches) in circumference; Medium- 178mm (7.00 inches) in circumference; Large- 197mm (7.75 inches) in circumference. The best part it's only $19.99

If your kids are competitive, there are weekly, month and all time leaders listed on their website. The rewards ceom from palces like best buy, apple, wii fit, xbox, PS3, and more (great motivators for people of all ages)

While I originally was told about this in terms of “a way to motivate young people” I could see this as something a family could share (especially since there is no monthly fee, no wires, and it could be a great family competition).

I have one coming in the mail, so I'll be leaving some first hand knowledge in the future.

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