Building Your Confidence

Building on Your Past

Building Self ConfidenceIs there that one day in your past that was so very heard? I do. I had to tell my Grandmother that she had outlived my Mother.  Because of that day, and experience, I know I can get through very tough situations that I never thought I could.

Think of yours. You may have thought you never could get through it, but you did. Well losing weight is hard, and you may feel you can't do it, but you can. If you made it through your toughest situation, you can make it through the process of losing weight.

Celebrate and Remember Your Victories

This week I had numerous temptations in the form of Dairy Queen, McDonald's, McDonald's again, and other times “the little voice” wanted me to do something I knew was not going to be the right choice.

By doing the right thing you are practicing doing the right thing, and you will find it easier to do in the past.  I have this mental list in my head now so when I drive down the street I can tell myself “beat that, overcome that one, ” and more.

By being consistent, I am seeing results (I'm down to 209 lbs). I am walking 2 miles in the morning, and in the early evening I do the rest of my 10,00 steps. I'm eating better and exercising more, and it is starting to pay off. It's taken a few weeks, but it is starting to pay off.

Logical Weight Loss Tips

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