Yes Virginia You Need to Track Your Calories

Today we are talking about how tracking things you want more of (exercise, time with the family,better calorie management) are things we should be tracking. It in us, it motivates us, and yes it does take a little bit of time (probably 5 – 10 minutes  day). This is something you have to do if you want to lose weight. Anybody that's says you don't need to is trying to sell you something.

No Sleep = No Willpower

This week I had a very busy week, and two nights I got 5 hours of sleep or less. I felt awful, and I was amazed at how the “Hamburger Highway” was calling me. Finally I went to a gas station and the cold of being outside (in Ohio) got me to focus on something else (as I wasn't truly hungry).  Sleep is vital, and if you are not getting enough, it's probably because we are not planning out our day.

The Truth About Reading Food Labels

The key to reading food labels is that you need to check the serving size. On the spray bottle of  I can't believe its not butter it shows there are 0 calories, 0 fat, 0 trans fat, etc. WOW! I thought I can spray nothing on my food. Well the problem is the label reports how many calories are in one serving. How big is a serving of the spray? ONE. When I use this product, I do not spray once and go “OK, we're done here.” If you look at the same product in a spread you will see where the serving has 50 calories and 5 grams of fat. Now one gram of fat has 9 calories. So 5 grams of fat is 95 calories which means this spread is 95% fat.

Don't be fooled by labels. Get informed. This article is from Quality


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Wireless Pedometer “Actiped”

Actiped Wireless PedometerToday I'm reviewing the Actiped that is  sometimes refered to as the LifeSource XL-20 Wireless Activity Monitor. This little device weighs next to nothing, and clips to your shoe. You plugin the USB device and your steps are transmitted from your shoe to your computer. ON your computer, you install a very small piece of software that uploads your steps to a website where you can track your progress.

In reality, you walk into the room, and your stats entered into a website without lifting a finger. Currently, I use HJ-720ITC from Omron. When the day is done, I have to plugin my pedometer to my computer, start software, select my name, then click “download data.”Using the Wireless Activity Monitor, I do um… nothing.

On the website I can track step goals, total steps, distance, calories, and more. There are other wireless items such as a scale and a blood pressure unit. All of these you use and your information is entered into your website.

Now we previously talked about The Bodybugg, and we noted how the subscription to their websites was kind of expensive (not the mention purchasing one was not cheap either). The subscription to the website is roughly $25 a year (not a month). The cost of the unit is $49.99 at amazon (not $300 like the body bug).The actiped updates your stats about 3 times every 10 minutes. If you are not active it goes into a sleep mode to save the battery (the battery will last between 1 and 2 years depending on how much you use it).

But You Need To Wear Shoes

This will not clip to your waist. It has to be on your shoe. So if you're like me and walk around the house with no shoes, you're going to lose some activity. This is not a huge deal. Likewise if you use something like an elliptical machine the actiped won't track your steps (as it goes by the foot hitting the pavement). The good news is you can login to the website and put in that you did elliptical work for 30 minutes and it will enter how many steps that calculates to be.  However, by having to go to the website and enter data you are defeating the purpose of the wireless entry.

Overall I'm excited about this unit for a couple of reasons. First I like to see where technology is going. Second it does make tracking your steps effortless. In the future I hope to see units like these have the capabilities to be worn on your pants (that would work better for me), and the ability to change the batteries.

Jillian Says Vary Your Caloric Intake

Instead of eating the same calories every day, do something like this (example would be if you wanted 1,400 calories per day).

Monday – 1,200 calories
Tuesday – 1,500
Wednesday – 1,200
Thursday – 1,600
Friday – 1,200
Saturday – 1,400
Sunday – 1,700

This gives you an average of 1,400 calories a day for the week, and may boost your metabolism as your metabolism as it can't adjust to a reduced caloric intake if it varies. This is from the book Winning By Losing from Jillian Michaels

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Workout Song of the Week – Gavin McGraw

Beatlesboy from the Forums like this song and so do I. It's called I'm in Love with a Girl.

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