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After missing a week because of Hurricane Sandy (who took out my electricity and Internet here in Cleveland, Oh ) I'm back with some news on new gadgets, and some Exercise Excuse Busing Truths.

First Impressions of Leanness Lifestyle University

I got to spend a while five minutes with Leanness Lifestyle this week (thanks hurricane Sandy) but from what I saw its pretty cool. Here is a quick analysis of my progress.

  • Your Fat Mass (total fat on your body) is:         27.56 pounds
  • Your Fat Free Mass (everything other than fat) is:          184.44 pounds
  • Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is:          28.0
  • Your disease risk is:      Medium/High – Unless thickly muscled
  • Your “Ideal” Weight Range is:   158 – 210 / (184 lbs.)
  • Projected Weight at Goal Body Fat:      209.6 pounds
  • Your RMR by Body Surface Area Method is:   1978 kcal/day
  • Your RMR by Fat Free Mass Method is:          2181 kcal/day
  • Your RMR by Total Body Weight is:    2756 kcal/day
  • Your RMR by Harrison/Benedict method is:      1994 kcal/day
  • Your Average RMR of all 4 Methods is:           2227 kcal/day
  • I Do Not Recommend You Average in
  • any 7 Day Period Less than:      1559 kcals/day
  • I Do Not Recommend You Eat Less Than This
  • More Than a Few Days a Month:         1114 kcals/day

Keep in mind you can get FREE access to Leanness Lifestyle Univiersty by using this special link at www.logicalloss.com/llu

Striiv Introduces Play – SparkPeople and Fitbit Join Forces

The new “Play” from Striiv syncs with your iPhone/iPad and does everything their previous unit does – and you can see your progress on your phone (or not). It's also cheaper than their previous version (I don't think it has the game like the previous version which made it cool for kids). This is sleek looking, and it more like a fitbit.

Speaking of Fitbits. SparkPeople (a great weight loss website) now makes it easy to track your fitness as it synchronizes with your fitbit, fitbit zip, etc. Both the Fitbit Zip, and the new Stiiv Play are under $100 (around $60).

Why I Had Three Days of Consistent Weight Loss

This past couple of weeks I've put together some consistently positive results. At one point I had three days in a row when the scale was moving in the right direction. The great thing about tracking your food and your exercise is you can go back and “Armchair quarterback” the results to see what the difference is between a good day and a bad day. Here are some of the things I found

Eat LessI Switched Up My Breakfast

I have said before that there really isn't anything fast about fast food. By the time you drive there, wait in the drive through line, pay and get your food. You could've easily cooked yourself something at home. For me, I was doing Egg McMuffins. I had read books that said this was one of the more healthier options on the McDonald's breakfast menu. Notice the don't say it's a healthy option. It's one of the better options on the breakfast menu. This is kind of like saying, “He's one of the better US Congressmen (we all know they are snakes).

My Egg McMuffin 370 is roughly Calories with 850 mg of sodium. I tried drinking Carnation Instant Breakfast (with Skim Milk is around 250 calories). However, this always had me starving by 10:30. I had heard how Cheerios is not a bad option for breakfast. I found some apple cinnamon, and went to town. The good news is one cup of this is with skim milk is 280 calories.

Wait, 90 calories made a difference? How is that? I believe that because I was not starting my day under the Golden Arches it started my day in a positive direction.

I Switched Up My Lunch

I was eating salads on my lunch that often topped the calorie charts at 520+ calories. These were premade and often I had a very small selection and ended up with a cob salad which has bacon in it. I loved the taste, and barely used any dressing. I started eating Healthy Choice Margherita which has 320 calories. A two hundred calorie difference was a nice chunk of change and I didn't feel hungry.

I Switched Up My Dinner

The big thing that changed here is I just quit eating out at night. The portions are too big. The sodium is too high. I cooked my own chicken breast, fixed a vegetable, and was full.

My Exercise Calories Went Up

Looking at my exercise calories, I was averaging around 4000 calories burned with exercise per week. This was increased up to 5000 – 6000. The big difference here is I used to have my office in my bedroom. I switched this and my office is now four blocks down the street. Now I get done with dinner, and grab the dog and walk him to my office. I do my work, and walk back. This means that 71% of the time I getting in my 10,000 steps. On the days I don't I'm still getting 8,000+.  I had days in September where I was only getting 2,000-4,000 steps in.

SHOCKING – I Ate Less and Exercised More and I Lost Weight

I know this is a shocking revelation. The good news is this is something I can DO. I cut close to 300+ calories a day out with food and boosted my exercise. These little steps are easy to recreate, and can be part of my lifestyle.

Music In This Episode

The other song is called “Doin' My Job” from the band Blackfoot, but have fun finding that in print. I got it off a greatest hits CD.

Fake it Till You Make it

In today's podcast we talk about caring about yourself, liking yourself, loving yourself. What if you don't? Then fake it till you make it. You can also think of the others that rely on you and get healthy for them. So for now, you may not like exercise but let's pretend you do. I've never got done exercising and said, “I hated that.” I may wake up the next day and be a little sore, but that's just my muscles growing. My high school teacher put it this way (after I got fired from a Grocery store for being too shy), “Act the way you want to be and eventually you will be the way you want to act.”

Too Hot To Exercise – Easy Fix

I burn very easily when I get in the sun, so walking during the day is a very dangerous thing for me (I use sun block that might as well be elmers glue). I have found that if you push yourself away from the dinner table, you can catch some great sunsets and get your walk in before you go to bed. It's cooler, and many times (in Ohio) there is a breeze (and it's actualyl relaxing).

Portion Control is Key

If you look at a label you may be surprised that the one container of (insert product here) you may actually be drinking two servings (so the calories you are drinking need to be doubled).  Likewise you need to know how many calroies you are burning (see this tool). Keep in mind that a single serving of steak is 3 oz and you can order at 12 oz steak in many restaurants. This means you are eating three extra portions of steak (600 extra calories). Some tools you can use to help you with this is the portion control plate (see below) and a digital food scale so you are accurate in entering your food.

Body Media Vs Bodybugg – What's the Difference?

When I was at Blogworld NYC I came across a bodymedia booth. So I asked them what the difference was between a bodymedia and a bodybugg, and it was exactly what I thought. Bodymedia supplies the technology, and a Bodybugg handles their own software. When I used a bodybugg, I found their software a bit clunky. It worked. It did the job, but it didn't exactly scream “cool.” Body media seems to have their software a little more polished. The prices are abuot the same and you get six months free use of their software.

If you are looking for an accurate way to count how many calories you are burning, this is the system for you.


Striiv Ads Social Tools To It's Platform

I've always said the Striiv is the suped up pedometer/game for those who don't have a computer. I don't sync mine too often (no need to), but when I did I saw where they had added some new features. If someone you know has a Striiv you can race each other and watch each other's progress (via bluetooth that's built into the unit). This adds some more fun to an already fun motivational tool. Watch this video to see someone with two Stiiv units race against each other. I noticed there is a “Firends” feature in the display (that wasn't there before) so I'll be updating you on that in the future as well.

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