Lessons From Super Bowl 44

Last weekend was the Super Bowl here in the states. The New Orleans Saints took on the Indianapolis colts. While I realize that people “across the pond” may not follow American Football, there are some things we can learn and take inspiration from.

New Orleans was not favored to win. When asked about their victory, quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Drew Breeze stated, “We believed in ourselves.” We can learn that even when we are “under dogs” against food, maybe it has beaten us in the past, the first step of victory is believing in ourselves.

New Orleans was down by 10 points at one point early in the game. However, another key to their victory is when they were faced with a challenge they did not panic, and more importantly they did not give up. They kept with their game plan.

They acted differently. The turning point of the game is when they executed an onside kick to start off the second half. This had never been done this early in a super bowl. When we decide to start exercising, our body may go “Hey wait! What is this? This hasn’t happened in a long time.” If we execute it successfully, it will deliver results. Yes exercising will be different than our current lifestyle.

Tracy Porter intercepted a pass in the fourth quarter that sealed their victory. When asked about it on the Jim Rome show he stated that he had studied their offense and had a good idea how the team was going to react. He said he knew that if one of the other players did this, that he would jump up and intercept the ball. Tracy has knowledge of his opponent. He didn’t just have knowledge, he put his knowledge into action and that is what clinched their victory.

So you may feel like an under dog in your battle of weight loss. You may have bad days – don’t panic. Learn from your mistakes and try to avoid repeating them in the future. You need to act differently. You can’t keep doing what you’ve been doing that got you out of shape. Lastly, you need to know your opponent. Fill your head with knowledge and then act on that knowledge to clinch you success in your battle of weight loss.


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Super Bowl Blues

ledge.pngWell the Super Bowl is over. It was a giant upset. Did it upset you because you ate too much food? I'm afraid to say I did bad, but no horrible. I didn't eat a very big breakfast (so I was hungry by game time) and in walked my brother with Pizza, Chicken and Jo Jos'.

I hadn't had fried chicken months. So I had 3 pieces, and some Doritos, and a couple of sodas. It wasn't my best day.

So does this mean I quit my diet? Did I stop exercising? NO!

While I may have had a bad day (like I do on most Super Bowl Sundays), the rest of the year I'm doing much better.

However if you think about it most holidays and big events in America are tied to food (Candy and Valentine's Day, Ham and Easter, Turkey and Thanksgiving, Ham and Christmas, July 4th and Hamburgers, etc, etc, etc.

Don't let these days through you completely off of your program. If you take a wrong turn, just turn around, get back on track and get back going in the right direction.


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