How Many Steps Have You Taken Today?

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Today we are talking about what I called “The Shoe Boot Express” Thats right WALKING.

It's nice out now (April) and if you're bored with your workout – take it outdoors. It makes a difference to me, maybe it will to you as well. I watched another episode of “I Can Make Your Thin” with Paul McKenna and this week they talked about how fit people walk 6,000 steps a day, and overweight people take 4,000 steps a day.

How long does it take to make up the missing 2,000 steps? About 15 minutes according to Paul. So I went looking into pedometers and was amazed at how inexpensive they are. I picked up one at Wal-Mart for 8 bucks (they are as low as 5 and as high as 13). However this cheap piece of crap made in China didn't work. I took it back and exchanged it and this one (same model) seems to be working. It calculates distance, it measures my target steps for the day, calculates the amount of calories burned.

Remember with all exercise to consult your doctor and start slow. Don't start out walking 10,000 steps (which is what the pedometer says to shoot for). Start out walking 2 blocks, then 3, then 4. Work into so that you don't hurt yourself. In the “I can make you thin” episode this is used to speed up your metabolism. If you think you are stuck with a slow metabolism, you are wrong. Exercise can boost your metabolism.

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Books About  Fitness Through Pedometers
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8 Steps to Staying on Track

I forgot I had the book "Fit to Lead" and as I was moving the studio I found it. So today I'm paraphrasing some of it, but there are some goods tips on staying on track. Fit to Lead

1. Reduce the Bad Fats
2. Eat 20 to 35 Grams of Finer Daily
3. Consume 1000 to 1500 Milligrams of Calcium
4. Eat 5 to 9 Fruits and Vegetables a Day
5. Eat Smarter Fat Food
6. Minimize Refined Foods.
7. Learn the Art of Quick Cooking
8. Master the Art of Eating Out. Many of these we have already talked about.
Planning ahead (like the soup in the drawer instead of the candy bar), having something quick at home to eat (so you can pass by the burger joint and know that you will be eating once you get home). Staying away form cheese, and putting things on the side, and knowing that you may be taking part of your dinner home (as portions are enough to stuff an elephant). Keep tracking, keep TRYING. We know its not easy, but DON'T GIVE UP.

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