Tips to Help You Lose 100 lbs.

I read a great article on WebMD that has 10 tips for losing 100 lbs.

1 .Shrink yourself – What is the extra weight doing for you?
2. Are you ready? – Seriously are you ready? Do one thing at a time
3. Consider the options – Supervised, alone, with a partner, etc.
4. Build in accountability – hold yourself accountable.
5. Adjust your expectations – It took a while to add this weight, its not coming off over night.
6. Develop a healthy selfishness – put yourself first so you will be around tomorrow
7. Fat proof your environment – if needed have the kids put their chips in their room.
8. Pick the brain of healthy people – find out what they do, and do it.
9. Find you secret weapons – keep track of your progress.
10. Reward yourself – but no food rewards.

What does 100 pounds look like? Like THIS:

100 Pounds of fat

Logical Weight Loss Tips

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