Take Notice of TV Commercials

Take Notice of TV Commercials

Today its a  quick show but I noticed something. When I'm in the car I hear tons of advertisements for cars. Why? Because there are a ton of people who listen to the radio in their cars. Hence it makes sense for car dealers to advertise on the radio. It  is where their target market is. Makes sense?

Then after my drive home (hearing car dealer after car dealer) and I turned on the 6 PM news. What did I see when they went to commercial?

Drug ads. One after the other. Drug this, drug that to make you thin if you are fat. To make you happy if you are sad. To sharpen your mind, control your bladder, make the little solider salute, and more.

Then after they tell you the benefits, there is at least 30 seconds of after effects including:



Double vision

Suicidal Tendencies

Mood Swings

Liver failure

The list goes on and on.

Why are drug dealers spending so much time and money on Television Advertisements?

Because its where (unhealthy people  – their target market) are congregating. Turn off the TV, and get walking .

Watch This Video and Notice the Music in the Background to Lessen the Major Side Effects


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