Techniques to Deal with Stress (repost)

Today I went searching for techniques to help us deal with stress. There are many things you can do to help deal with your stress. The point is if you don't do something to your stress, your stress will do something to you.

A quick exercise you can do is to draw a horizontal and vertical line. Everything about the line is important. Everything below the lines is less important. Everything to the left are things you can't control. Everything to the right are things you can control. You want to focus on the items that are controllable, and important. There is no reason to worry about things you can't control (like people, weather, etc). There is no reason to stress out over those items that aren't that important.

We often get overwhelmed when we look at the big picture. Instead take your items, prioritize them, and attack them one at a time. Take life one decision at a time.

Getting sleep will help. When we are tired we make all sorts of bad decisions, and we don't have the energy we need to carry on.

Find something else to do instead of eating. We know that eating can temporarily make us feel better, but so does a good workout. I've never felt worse after a workout. Twinkie or workout? Which one ties into your weight loss goals? Exercise has been shown to release chemicals in the brain that make us feel better.

Take some time to be alone and do deep breathing. Play some soft music. Even 10 minutes of relaxing can help.

Get creating and start a journal, paint, play some music, etc. All help with stress.

Get some help. I previously thought only “Crazy” people needed therapy. Not the case. Getting an objective viewpoint on your issues can really benefit you. This does not mean your ‘broken” and need fixed.

Double check reality. We often get upset about items that turn out to be untrue. I know you think ___ about a situation. Maybe getting a second opinion with a fresh set of eyes will help you see you are off base (and have nothing to worry about). As the old saying goes, don't sweat the small stuff.

Focus on new actions. Your emotions are normal. How you ACT on your emotions can add or decrease the stress in your life.

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