The Farmer and the Hunter

Hunter FarmerToday we talk about how we all want to be hunters (where you quickly get to eat) instead of farmers (where you work hard over a long period time and have a large harvest). When you are a farmer it requires knowledge, faith, dedication, and hard work. Losing weight requires the same thing. It requires knowledge so we know what to eat, and how not to work to hard too quick. We need faith that if we follow a plan, it will work. It takes dedication to stay on the plan and avoid all the not so good food. It also takes hard work, which means we have to do more than stay active, we need to purposely set time to exercise.

We also talk about Sue Carson who got in shape at the age of 50, so the excuse of “I'm too old” gets thrown out the window.

This is an interesting episode as I'm walking in the rain. I only had a few days left in the week to meet my activity goals, so that meant I had to grab an umbrella and get to the local high school track.

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