The Importance of Warming and Cooling Down

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I traded in my “Wal-Mart special pedometer for the Omron HJ-720ITC this has some great features. It looks for those times when you are walking in an aerobic fashion (for more than 10 minutes at a pace of more than 60 steps per minute) and shows you at the end of the day (along with how many steps you took over all. You can find this at

When we don't take time to warm up and cool down we put our bodies at risk. We know that we need to exercise to stay fit, to lose weight, and burn fat. However, if we are in such a hurry that we just “dive in” to our workout without a warm up, and then don't stretch and cool down, we may wake up the next day and not want to move. When we don't move, we lose.

If you stretch before warming up, you could hurt your muscles as well. We need to take care of our muscles as they are our “Fat burning machines” so you want to:




Cool Down


(source )

Here is a link to some great advice on warming up and cooling down from there is also a great stretching reference.


Some times we get the “negative thinking” in high gear when we make mistakes. We start to believe that “we will never be thin” etc. We need to realize that just like an ice sculpture was once a block of ice, and a wood carving was once a block of wood, YOU are in there waiting to come out. We just need to shave away the extra weight.

Think about how good you will feel when you go into your favorite clothing store and buy those clothes that you've never even considered because you just won't fit. You will feel awesome, you will look awesome, and you ARE going to do this. It's going to take time, but you can do it.

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