Today I talk about some reviews we’ve received in iTunes. Sometimes its hard to hear negative things about you, but you need to stop and ask if there is any validity to comments. In some cases, there are.

Here is the one that really got me. It was from Ellen.


Shakeologyby EllenHenderson from USA on February 8, 2014 

I like the guy – he seems like a really good person. However, for the entire time I’ve been listening to his podcasts, he has puttered around with about a 10 lb. range – this over 2 years or so. He is addicted to Mountain Dew and the entire gist of his shows is to review some web based food and exercise tracking systems or fitness “aids” or iPhone apps. The bottom line is, I need somebody that motivates me by example. Dave seems to be doing this podcast just to listen to himself talk. If that is the purpose of the podcast, I think there are plenty of others that have moved past the “eat less exercise more” mentality. And the difference between them and Dave is, their approaches actually work. I need a podcast that gives me REAL guidance for losing, and not someone going on and on about the fit bit or body media / body bug. Inspire me by actually using LOGIC, not gimmicks. And, inspire me by actually losing weight. If the eat less exercise more model works, why are you not losing weight? Eat healthier foods, not Mountain Dew and McDonalds. The body needs nutrients, not to be tricked by processed foods that you scan the barcode with some b/s ap on your iPhone. Quit buying into paid websites, apps, fitness gurus who want to sell you plans or supplements, and do your research. I hope the best for you, but what you are doing is not working – for you or for me.

I’ve always try to be a person of integrity. I don’t lie. I don’t steal. I’m honest. Was I mad or hurt by this? Well, no. OK, maybe a little hurt. Then I read it again. This is a valid point. It is as simple (not easy) as eat less exercise more, but I’m not doing it. So I saw this last week, and I’ve really stepped up my game. I’m down two pounds this week. Thank you Ellen Henderson I really appreciate the kick in the pants.

Tips from Someone Who Lost 80 Lbs

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  1. Becka

    I think it’s very admirable how well you took that criticism. It takes a strong person to acknowledge one’s own failings. However, you didn’t really examine Ellen’s main point: “If the eat-less exercise-more model works, why are you not losing weight?”

    I confess that when I saw this post, I eagerly listened to the podcast hoping you were going to announce you were trying something new – low-carb or paleo, for example. Instead, you re-stated your commitment to “eat-less exercise-more,” but THIS time (unlike all the other times) your willpower isn’t going to falter, THIS time you’ll actually succeed. I really, truly hope that you will…but suspect it will fail like all the other attempts.

    When I first started listening to you, more than 2 years ago, I had been trying to lose “the last 10 pounds” for awhile. Like you, I was eating Lean Cuisines, feeling hungry a lot, and assiduously recording every bite. Like you, I lost and regained the same weight over and over. Then, I learned about Paleo, thought it sounded wacky, tried it anyway, and promptly lost 10 pounds with virtually zero effort. Like, I remember being convinced my belt must be stretched out because all of a sudden I was down 3 notches. Two years later, I’m still at my goal weight, and I’m still listening to you because you seem like such a nice guy. I keep hoping you’ll find success. I just don’t think you’ll achieve it by doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

  2. Paul smith

    I think you were a bit hard on yourself. Mate, you are human and I find it that your view on life in general is very positive, and your struggle with your mountain dew devil is real ,who cares if you haven’t lost so much by so long in such a way to motivate some many for so long, you are still fighting your demons, on a daily basis, which is what it’s all about. L have been listening to you for years. And look forward to every show. It just nice to hear your journey and the way you say things and that there is somebody out there that you can relate too. L can’t stand mountain dew. I have lost 53kg still need to loose 20kgs. Don’t give up. Thanks for sharing your struggle

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