The Pity Party Stops Now

Pity Party Stops NowToday we talk about getting our brain in check. After all only YOU can stop YOU and the biggest obstacle is our brain. You know that little negative voice in your head can be quite persuasive. NOT ANY MORE.

This is why we need to incorporate affirmations into our head to help us not only hear that we deserve to feel good, but we believe it. What is an affirmation? Something like this:

I know what I want in my life.
I am focused and prepared to do what ever I have to, to achieve what I want.
My fears are irrational.

I will face my fears and overcome them .
I will be successful in every area of my life.
I will have the happiness and contentment I deserve.
I am a good person and a valued friend.
I am a good wife to my husband.
I am a good husband to my wife.
I am a good mother.
I support and encourage my children. They are the apples of my eye.
I am a valued employee.
I am a valued member of my community.

You need to believe in yourself. There has to be ONE thing you like about yourself. Remember that and hold on to it as you add more things to be proud of as you continue to work on your fitness level.

Need More Motivation?

It's a scientific fact that getting active can reduce your risk of cancer. See, all this time you thought I was just bossing you around when I've actually been encouraging you to reduce your risk of cancer! The American Cancer Society recommends getting at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical exercise on five or more days a week.

At least a whopping 50 percent of cancer deaths in the United States could be prevented just by making small changes to lifestyle and health habits.

That works out to about 280,000 lives saved a year.

Whether you're starting a new fitness regimen this year, or just renewing your commitment to being fit and healthy, think about how much you're doing for yourself and your loved ones by taking good care of the body you're in

Flat Belly Diet

Here we go again. Another fad diet. This one is called the Flat Belly Diet. This one says the food you eat can help burn body fat (especially around your belly). When I looked at some of the details it starts with a 4 day jump start program, and healthy meals, and exercise.

Wait a minute, sensible eating and exercise? THAT'S MY PLAN!

Every wonder why almost ALL diets have a “quick start” plan? Its so you go on the diet you lose weight quickly. You get excited and tell your friends. They go out and buy the book. Everybody gets on the plan. In many cases these diets stop you from eating certain foods, you feel restricted and you quit (and the weight comes back – in some cases with interest). You need to make a lifestyle change. Not some wacky mufa changes to your diet. What is a mufa?

A MUFA is what nutritionists refer to as MonoUnsaturated Fatty Acid. It’s a “good” fat that helps fight disease and can even further weight loss. MUFA can be found in almonds, peanut butter, alive oil, avocado, and yes, chocolate too.

Great so I can go on a diet and eat chocolate. Wonderful. I was surprised as this is coming from the editors of Prevention Magazine.

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