The Power of Groupthink

The Power of Groupthink

In listening to the book Atomic Habits the chapter I listened to explained that in one experiment they would send in a person into a group. The group had chosen to say how delicious something was when the food was purposely created to be awful. At first, if there was just one person, the person would be honest and say they didn't like it. As more people entered the group that would say how delicious something was, the person would change their mind to go along with the group.

This is dangerous and we need to be able to identify when it happens.

This week I had a family member in from out of town which meant extra get-togethers that involved eating not so healthy food. I did “OK” on one, and not so good on the other.

Other Things That Happened While I Was Gone

While I might occasionally get a “cold” I got a fever and caught the “real life” flu (Type A) and it knocked me out.

You Need Lose Weight For You

I had been using a female that I had a slight crush on as an inspiration to lose weight. In a nutshell, there just isn't any spark there on her part, and it's not going to happen. This somewhat ruined my attitude, but all in all, I'm back on the horse trying to lose weight. While it's great to have multiple levels of inspiration, in the end you need to lose weight FOR YOU.

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