The Truth About Bottled Water – Oprah Asks Are You Ready?

The Truth About Bottled Water – Oprah Asks Are You Ready?

People think bottle water is cleaner. A study of 1000 brands over 4 years, and 1/3 of those companies violated their own regulations and had bacteria and arsenic in it.

Water is regulated by the EPA which has hundreds of people to regulate tap water. Bottled water is enforced by the FDA, which means there is less than one person to check up on everything.

Tap water “taste better” but in test after test, people kept picking tap water as the best tasting water.

In one example they filled a bunch of fancy bottles from a garden hose. Each person was told the story of the water, and each time the people could come up with an opinion on the “new” water. In some cases the people were told the bottles were $7 a piece. They used the french words for “tap water” to make it sound fancy. Everyone who tested the “fancy” water could say how much better it sounded like.

Alaskan falls water comes from Worthington Ohio.

Yosemite water comes from northeast Los Angelas.

Everest comes from Corpus Christi Texas (it even states it on the label and explains how it comes from a municipal source – that would be a tap).

Coke calls their water Dasani and Pepsi calls their Aquafina. Realize they are selling you coke/Pepsi without the coke or Pepsi for the same amount.

Check out this video from Penn and Teller Call Bull on Bottled Water

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