The Weight of the Nation

I just found out about a TV show that starts tomorrow night on HBO it's called the Weight of the Nation and you can find out more about it on the HBO site. There is also a companinion book, and you can get the speical on DVD (it spans four hours of material). From the trailer, it appears that the US obesity epidemic will ruin our country very soon (if we have national health coverage and we are all sick, we will tax ourselve to feath to pay for our bad eating habits). We need to fix this today.

Here are some shoicking stats:

% of every food dollar American Spent outside of home

1972 $34.2

2008 $47.9

Total calroies available per person in the US food supply every day

1978 2188
2009 2594

% of obese US adolescents (12-19)

1980 5%

2008 18%

Calroies in average servings of Fries

1983 210

2003 610

Millions of American diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

1986: 6.4 million

20102: 1.1 million

% of high school students attending PE class every day

1991: 41.6

2009: 33.3%

Hours of media used byu childten every day age 8-18

2004:  6:21

2009:  7:38

Listen to this book for free when you go to

What If You tracked Everything And Your Still Not Losing Weight?

Dave Weight Loss StatsI treally tracked all of my food and activity last week. On those days that I ate more than my targeted 1700 calroies, I exercised more. At the end of the week I had gone up 1 lb. When I looked into it I saw where I was averageing 1880 calories a day. We know these are fairly acurate as we are going by the information on the labels and paying attention to serving sizes. So what gives? Well the only other piece of the puzzle is the calroies burned during exercise. With this in mind, I will focus on hitting my goal for calories in, and ignore (kind of) how many calories I burn off. In the end its calories in vs calories out. If I track all my calories in, and still gain weight, then I nkow I can cut back on the calroies and I should lose.

The key to this is brutal honesty when entering food. A difference of 150 calories a day can add up over a month.

Remember the only thing you have absolute control over is you. While I found all this effort frustrating, I know in the end if I watch my calories in, and keep exercises the weight will drop off eventually. Quitting will not get me where I need to go.


 FitBolt – Nuges You To Get Out of your Chair

I'm going to be interviewing a representative from this week, but couldn't wait to tell you about this cool website. It is a timer that alerts you to get up and stretch and do exercises. It's free, and is a great way to keep you focused (not to mention burn a few extra calories while you're at your desk). I'll talk more about this in the future, but for now check out

Mentioned on the Show – Treadmill Desks

Robert Chazz Chute talks about making a “Treadmill Desk” out of stuff from around the house in his latest “Self Help For Stoners” podcast. His is much cheaper than the FitDesk X Compact Pedal Desk ($250) or the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk ($542). I'm not sure I'd trust the SurfShelf Treadmill Desk ($39) with my laptop (maybe my iPad, if I had an iPad….


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3 thoughts on “The Weight of the Nation”

  1. Hi Dave.

    I was listening to your show and was wondering, your calories are set at 1700 per day, how tall are you?

    As a 5’8″ woman, I should eat about 2480 cal per day to maintain my weight , 183 lbs at a moderate activity level (exercise 3-5 times per week)
    I weight lift 2x a week for about 20 min.
    I run(jog) intervals for about 30 min 3x a week.
    Have you ever checked your BMR and calorie levels beside on Lose It?

    I ask because I did lose it for 3 years and lost nothing!
    Now I use my fitness pal and have found I should eat more!
    If your interested,
    check Fat2Fit radio and it`s military body fat calculator. Then do the Calorie goal. I think you should probably eat more to get out of your plataeu.
    Check it out. It might help you.
    I want to hear you lose the weight not be frustrated. I was in the same boat as you.
    Now I am maintaining at a much higher level of calories.
    When I was at my lower calories I was starving, wanted to binge a lot and I gained weight every week, even though I was doing everything right!

  2. Don’t tell anyone but I was jamming out to -thin- on the treadmill the other day, It gave me flash backs to the snap TV ad. I reframed from flinging my arms in the air but I did think about how many more calories it would burn.
    I also do challenges on the treadmill with my striiv. Sparkpeople now has a group talking about and using the striiv. Lynn

  3. I’ve just been using Lose it. ON other sites it does seem to want me eating more. The point is I’m not getting to 1700 anyway (typically around 2000) so I’d like to get to 1800 and see what happens.

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