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No podcast till later this week (I was gone this weekend and game back with a stomach bug – WEEEEEE).

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I heard someone mention this on another podcast. It's a desk that is made to sitver over your treadmill, and allow you to walk while you work.

I love this idea (I've also seen peddles that go under your desk). But I'm not quite ready to buy one yet with a sticker price of $479.  I love how flexible it seems (heighth, width) and it seems to be made out of some sturdy materials. It even folds up so you can use it in multiple areas if needed. I know if you look for “treadmill desk” on youtube you can find some videos which show you how to build your own. Now if you are working so much that you don't have the time to go to home depot and buy some foam, wood, glue and cut and paste it all together, the price may be worth the time it takes to assemble one.

The the other point is I would think eventually your walking, or your work would suffer. I know if I read while I'm on the treadmill it takes more focus (both the reading and the walking), where if I we to do each individually I get more  out of it.

Would you use one of these if it was cheaper?

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1 thought on “TrekDesk – Walk While You Work”

  1. Completely agree with the last paragraph. Multitasking is the art of doing more than one thing half-assed. When i’m doing cardio and I
    have my heart rate up, I find it hard to even pay close attention to the tv.

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