TRX Training System On the Biggest Loser

If you were watching the Biggest Loser this week, you saw a few of the contestants hanging on some bright yellow straps. While we understand the giants ropes that that whip around, the weights that they pull behind them, the boxing moves that they have been learning this season. What is the yellow TRX Suspension Trainer: As seen on The Biggest Loser.strap thing?

It's a TRX Suspension Training system. It is the top of the line “Gym in a bag” system (voted “Best Total Body Tool” by Mens Health Magazine). There are numerous ways to connect this in your house, apartment, or if you are traveling on the road, your hotel room. Most people just use a door anchor. It's long enough to let you still be in the middle of the room to perform the exercises. You can safely perform hundreds of exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and prevent injuries, all at the intensity you choose

Suspension Training Systems are great as they allow you to build your own circuit training to meet your needs. You can easily swap from one exercise to another. The TRX system is top of the list in terms of expense ($200 with the door anchor). If you are looking for a TRX alternative, you might check out Freestyle Trainer Pro ($70 – seen right) from (you have to go to the shop area to find it).

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