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Pepsi Pulling Products From Schools
Here are some quick news items I found interesting this morning. Pepsi just announced it will remove its full-calorie, sugary drinks from schools around the world over the next two years. The World Heart Federation has been talking with soft drink makers about removing sugary drinks from schools to help fight the rise in childhood obesity. Now if we can rid of the vending machines all together that would be great (but unfortunately many schools depend on the money from these machines to pay for items the children need – so we sell them crap food so they can learn – but what are we really teaching them….)

Healthy Snacks in Theaters?
This could keep me from sneaking in my own snacks to the movies. The head of Sony Pictures recommends that movie theaters offer healthier snacks to help fight obesity and to give movie-goers more choices. In a Sony survey, two-thirds of moviegoers said they would be likely to buy healthy concessions if they were available. Does this mean I'm now going to be charged $5.50 for a banana and 6.50 for a bottle of water?

Kraft Plans to Cut Sodium in It's Products
Just one day after Pepsi announced it was cutting sugary drinks from schools around the world, Kraft Foods also addresses concerns regarding health. The largest food maker in North America says it plans to cut sodium by about 10 percent from its products over the next two years. This is encouraging, but there is sooooo much salt in many foods – this is a drop in the bucket.

Baby Steps
I'm glad the first lady has put a spotlight on childhood obesity. If we can keep putting pressure on companies to do the right thing (hopefully we can get some help with accurate, realistic labels that would be great. I know 17 companies were told to redo their labels last month). Much like losing weight, to get companies we will be up against greed – and that is a large, intimidating opponent, but if we stay consistent in saying “this is wrong” and if we vote with our wallets, we will win this war and end up with healthier food choices.

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