Want to Lose Weight? Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

In today's podcast we talk about a new sight where you can make a pact with yourself to go to the gym a certain amount of times per week, and if you don't make it to the gym you lose your money. If you meet your pact, you earn the money of those who didn't make it to the gym. Learn more information here.

New Study Shows Eating Less and Exercising More leads to weight loss

Seven Habits of Weight Loss

I saw a video with Dr Oz on Yahoo where he mentioned the seven habits of people who are thin. If you give yourself 15 points for each one of these you do, you can grade yourself. For example I do two of these. This gives me a score fo 30% out of 100. Then I wonder why I'm over-weight.

1. Exercise in the morning
2. Eat Smaller meals through the day
3. Eat Slower and Walk away when full
4. Not skipping breakfast
5. Better Monitors of their health – Journals
6. Fitness hobby outside of the gym Bike, Swim, Baseball, etc
7. Water, Water, and Water


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