Weight Loss and Alcohol

Weight Loss and Alcohol

Today I get into why it's not a good idea to drink alcohol if you are trying to lose weight.

Your body only has so much time during the day to burn calories.

Alcohol is empty calories, and basically get burned first. Then when you run out of time, you still have all these other calories waiting to get burned, but the alcohol cut in line.

Alcohol often leads to you not caring anymore, and you make bad choices.

Oh Yeah, alcohol isn't good for you and damages your liver, etc.

Alcohol increase appetite

Risky Drinking

I watched Risky drinking and it really shows you how

Drinking leads to feeling bad.

It leads to bad decisions like…

Drink more to help get over the fact that you went drinking last night.

The Risky Drinking Documentary even points out that at one point your brain gets re-programmed and your reward center is dysfunctional, your stress function goes into overdrive, and your logical “good decisions” part of the brain is busted. At this point, you are doomed.


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