What about Right Now? Start Living Healthy

Today I talk about watching the Biggest Loser and seeing people getting inspired by doing something they didn't think they could do (be careful with this and discuss it with your Doctor).

I've spoken about this in the past. You think you can't lose weight because it's too hard. yet you forget all the hard things you've accomplished in your life. We get to comfortable doing the same old stuff.

I always wondered if I could jog a mile. I go to my daughter's track meets and watch her run in a 5K (about 2.5 miles-ish). I was thinking that some day I would like to try and jog a mile. Then I had a thought.

What about now?

What about today?

So I went to the gym and I walked the first mile, and then bumped the treadmill up to 6 MPH (a slow jog) and I began. When I started to feel it and look down I had only gone .36 but I told myself to stop looking at the distance, and just keep going.

When I reached .50 I thought “Now just repeat what I just did and I'm done.” It was getting hard, but I kept on going. When I reached .74 I really thought about quitting. I was breathing really hard, my heart was racing, and I thought “this can't be healthy” but I also knew I just needed a couple more minutes. I did it. My face was red, and I was smotherd in sweat. I did it. I have eliminated an excuse. I know what I can do.

As always, before doing ANY exercise be sure to check with your health professional. My point is, you can probably do more than you think you can. The best time to find out where your limits are is right now. Get off the couch, and go walk, ride a bike, etc.

This also works for diets. It's funny how we can't go without eating after dinner. Then when we have a doctor's visit and we can't eat after 8 PM we can becuase we HAVE TO.  The point is you CAN do it.

You are going to have to push yourself out of yoru comfort zone. Quit waiting for tomorrow. Today is as good as any day to start.

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2 thoughts on “What about Right Now? Start Living Healthy”

  1. Hi, Dave

    I thought I’d share a tip for giving out Halloween treats. Don’t give out candy at all. Give out toys. A couple years ago, I bought some silly little toy airplanes and finger puppets from Oriental Trading Company, and the kids loved them. No temptations for me, no disappointments for the kids, and it isn’t much more expensive than candy is these days. it’s win/win.

    Thanks for the great episode!

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