What Does a Cheat Day Get You – Meal Planning 101

What Does a Cheat Day Get You – Meal Planning 101

Today I talk about a “Cheat day” and I had a healthy breakfast and by the end of the day, I had ice cream, and a burger and fries. The cost? A month's worth of work down the drain. I also talk about meal planning.

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Six Hours Cost Me Two Months of Work

So I started the day out right, but from Noon to Six, I had fallen off the wagon. My favorite ice cream went on sale, and I got a cone. Then I slashed the other three tires. What? When you get a flat tire you don't get out of your car and slash the other three tires, you focus on the broken one and get back in the car. I had a hamburger, small fry, and a coke The result? I weighed myself next day and I was up 2 lbs. In general, I am losing 2 lbs a month. I like that pace, it's not too hard, and as long as I stick with it – I make my goals. Well, one day, I quit caring and lost my focus and I flushed a month's worth of work down the drain. Learn from my mistake.

Meal Planning 101

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to EatI found a great article on meal planning. They boiled it down to

1. Start a master recipe list. Digital versions (like a note on your smartphone) are handy, easy to update and usually within arm’s reach!

2. Fill in your calendar. Pick some favorites from your master list and 1 or 2 new recipes to try.

3. Write your grocery list. While doing that, jot down ingredients for each recipe. Then, take stock of what you already have on hand before heading to the store.

4. Pick a time to shop. Once your shopping is done, you’re ready to tackle food prep. Stay tuned for our how-to post coming up next week.

There is more to it, but that is it in a simple form.

Here are some meal planning resources you can use

Paprika Recipe App

Chef Tap

Complete Meal Planning System

Plan To Eat is a service that basically does this for you (try it free for 30 days) Here is a cool video

Check it out at logicalloss.com/plantoeat

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