What Does Dave Look Like?

What Does Dave Look Like?

Dave Jackson 2010 Logical Weight Loss Before Picture

I had a listener email me and ask me what I look like. I went and looked and the last time I took a picture of myself as a “before” picture it was a while ago.

This is a picture of me back at the end of 2010. The bad news is I'm not a whole lot different than what I was in this picture (and its two years ago). It's amazing how much a picture can motivate you though, so if you haven't busted out the camera (or phone) lately, today would be a good day to take your “before” picture and realize in a few months you'll be able to see the difference between today's picture and the picture you take in the future. Just believe, practice doing the right thing on a consistent basis, and track your calories. You can do this.

Set a date on the calendar. Mine will be 7-9-2012. I hope be have that gut under control, and hopefully I won't need a training bra anymore.

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2 thoughts on “What Does Dave Look Like?”

  1. First we own an embroidery promo apparel store. If you wanted you logical loss on your shirt. Mim. 12 t-shirts or we could do hats.
    Next I would of never guessed you looked like this. I thought you would look happy. I guessed different hair. Oh ya that’s right this is a before. I see why there are so many people that want to jump on the weightloss wagon. There is a lot of money to be made. Billions. As long as the product promises fast and lots of loss. You know that is how I put it on. I went to bed one night thin and woke up fat so it should work the other way with the magic pill. take it tonight and be skinny in the morning , no effort on your part. Really, and we believe, I am ready to see an after. Still love my striiv.
    Thanks. I am getting your theme song so when my workout buddy calls I will know it is her. Love it. I have to post a note on my chatthefat, I will give you a plug.

  2. I have to say my scale finally moved. I had it in the corner yesterday and today I found it in the middle of the room. I am having so much fun with my striiv.

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