What is Google Fit – Kids Menu Insights

What is Google Fit – Kids Menu Insights

Google Fit

google-fitGoogle fit is the alternative to the Health app on iOs. There are certain apps that tie into is, but there is a free Google Fit app that you can download for free and it uses the pone to track your activity. You can setup goals for activity, track your weight and more.   It uses the sensors built into your device to automatically track activities like walking, biking and running.

Adidas, Nike, Withings, Intel, RunKeeper and a variety of other fitness companies are involved with Android Fit. Nike's FuelBand wearables were specifically given a shoutout onstage at Google's I/O event this afternoon, where the initiative was announced.

Google Fit Website

Google Fit in the Google Play Store

Here is a list of apps that work with it. I know Lose it! just announced their integration

Kids Menu

My wife is testing eating from the Kids menu. We were AMAZED that the children sized portions are the exact same portions as adults (but much cheaper). No wonder children in America are obese.

Back in the day a McDonald's hambuger (now in the happy meal) was for adults. Then cam the Big Mac (double the calories) and now they come out with 1/3 lbs burgers with bacon, etc that are about 50% of my daily calories intake.

No wonder we are all getting fat.

Logical Tip of the Week

While the last few weeks I've gone down in weight. This week I did not. So what was the problem? I often found myself entering in my calories into My Fitness Pal at the end of the day. It's a little too late to make adjustments if you've already consumed the food.

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