What is Working So Far

Today I'm glad to report I'm down to 214.2 (from 217 last episode). What's different?
1. I'm exercising 30 minutes at least two times a week (using Gym Pact)
2. I cut my soda drinking to almost none, and now if I do drink a Mountain Dew, I drink a 12 oz can, instead of a 20 oz bottle.
3. I'm committed to exercise. When it was cold the other night, I still bundled up and went walking.

If you can get that first step, its amazing the confidence I feel about myself. I start off the day with a whole new outlook.

Want More Biggest Loser?

I found there is an NBC App for the iPhone (assuming there is one for android) that allows me to watch the Biggest Loser on the run (not live, but I can stream it later).

Jillian Michaels Has 5 Things We Can Do NOW

1. Change your mind. You can only achieve if you believe.
2. Set Attainable Goals. I've spoken about this in the past.
3. Setup your support system (get your family, friends, and neighbors involved).
4. Make Healthier Choices (Go through your fridge and throw out the bad stuff).
5. Start Moving!

Jillian's new book Slim for Life is available for pre-order.

From the Group

The shopping app was called Shopwell.

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1 thought on “What is Working So Far”

  1. Hey Dave!

    I’m loving your podcasts. I am almost caught up to date, and have one question I have to ask – it’s something that I am struggling with terribly in both my discipline w/r/t weight loss, as well as other things in life…I am studying for my comprehensive exams for my Ph.D., which I have failed once, and am retaking soon, and I am struggling weight wise as well. Anyway, I have heard you say a number of times that you have to get your mind in the right place, and believe that you can do it (whatever “it” is, weight loss, passing my exams, whatever). How do you do that? I am pretty demoralized right now, and am at that place where I don’t doubt whether or not I can do this, I am simply convinced that I can’t. How do you convince yourself you can, when you “know” you can’t?

    I heard your ‘cast about using your anger, and I almost wish I was mad, but I’m just really…beat, I guess. Thoughts?

    Thanks, Dave. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but I am legitimately looking for anything that will change my mind from “this is a joke, I can’t do this,” to “Okay, this is possible.”


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