Why Fat people are sometimes considered stupid

I just got done watching nightline. There is a woman who wants to spread the word that it's “OK to be fat.” It is OK, if the consequences of being fat do not effect those who are healthy. She kept going on how you can be healthy and OBESE. There is a reason there are two separate words. If they meant the same thing, there would be one word.

Likewise you have women arguing about when they were a runway model and they lost their job when they became a size four. OK, you are not intelligent either and the fashion industry is sick. I was completely blown away by what they were calling a “Plus model” as she seemed pretty healthy (well anything looks healthy compared to a size 4).

So you have two extremes. Being a size three is unhealthy (you mean being able to view my ribs is wrong?) Not being able to use a laptop as you have not lap, is also obviously wrong. Can we inject some common sense here?

Some great points were made. We can't continue to use food for every mood or occasion. It's your birthday? have some cake? Had a good day? have some cake? had a bad day? I know what will help: CAKE.  This is a big part of our problem. Why not use a book, a massage, or exercise (to take your mind off your bad day – it works – I've done it).

Here are the videos if you'd like to watch.
Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

If anybody has the book Finally thin, I'd love to know what you thought about it. Kim Bensen's story is amazing, and she kept it off. Here is a link to it at amazon.com
Finally Thin!: How I Lost More Than 200 Pounds and Kept Them Off–and How You Can, Too

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