Would You Lose Weight To Go Shopping?

I just found out about a new service that if you are using a tracking tool such as a fitbit or the bodyfit media, you can sign up for a free account at earndit.com and earn points for your activity that can learn to rewards which includes points to go shopping. These include great healthy treats, as well as shoes, outdoor items, and many more. This even works with international listeners. For me I love the Bodybugg, and the Bodybuggsp, but if you are looking for something that doesn't require a monthly fee, check out the Fit bit. To earn points at earndit.com you need a track device (if you had to manually enter the data, it might be easy to cheat).

From The Group

Dave mentions that he likes Eggies, you just have to clean them out, and spray them be before using them.

Jawbone issues refund for UP bracelets. (thanks for the heads up Dave).

The Good Old Days

In moving into a new location I had my share of looking at old pictures, etc. I realized that much like the Billy Joel song, “The Good old days weren't always good, and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems.”

Song used as transition ” Damaged” by Sass Jordan.


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3 thoughts on “Would You Lose Weight To Go Shopping?”

  1. Just listened to this episode. You were talking about how you need to wear dress pants and how some don’t fit so you got rid of them. Most of the time I do get rid of clothes that don’t fit but I do have one skirt that is my test. I bought it 21 years ago and it is a size 16. From todays sizing I am wearing a size 10. I still cannot fit into the size 16 skirt (almost, maybe about 5 lbs away) but this really makes you think and try not to look at sizing because it is all a head game. Really need to look at how you feel. Size doesn’t really matter; at least in clothing.

  2. I recently stumbled across your podcast. I have been checking out lots of different ones that cover a lot of different topics. I plan to listen to more of yours. I can hear the sincerity in your voice when you hope you are helping others and when you are frustrated a family member isn’t on a similar path. I’ve been working at my new lifestyle for a little over a year. After “practicing” how to lose weight for over 45 years, I am finally getting “it” and have lost over 85 pounds since Nov. 2010. I am eating better and exercising on purpose. My spouse isn’t changing anything and I know I can’t make him do this. No one could make me do it either. I had to want to!
    I won’t go into a bunch of details here and now, but I wanted to let you know that after this podcast, tonight, I went out for a quick mile and a quarter, brisk walk, in the dark! I feel lots better for having done this as my regular exercise today was kinda on the whimpy side of the scale. 🙂
    This was the first podcast I’ve listened to, of yours. I guess it was serendipity that I heard it tonight, when I needed a nudge to add a little extra exercise to round out my day. Thanks for the motivation!

  3. Hi Dave,

    Thank you so much for doing this podcast, I love it! 🙂 you are such a motivation and I really got inspired to start my podcast in Spanish. I’m a coach (helping people for FREE) based on what I’m learning. I noticed that there is not really many podcast in Spanish and blogs that will provide information and motivations to start living a healthier life style, so I decided to start one. At the end of this month I will be launching my blog & podcast all in Spanish (for now). Thanks again and I’m always looking forward to the next episode…

    Gracias Sr. Dave! 🙂

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