Measuring Your Resting Heart Rate

resting-hear_rateWhile we know that we can watch our health using a scale and a tape measure, but there are other ways and one of them is to measure your resting heart rate. Today I talk about a free app that allows you to accurately record your resting heart rate. An athlete’s resting hear rate may be around 40. Don’t be depressed if you’re not in that ball park. Measure it, exercise, eat right and see if it goes down. The lower your heart rate, the better health you are in (your heart isn’t working as hard).

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What Happens When You Take a Break From Exercise and Soda

Today we talk about what happens with your body if you take a break. We talk about a study where they look at both older and younger men to see what happens when they had to wear a knee brace. In a nutshell, it turns out that when we stop exercising our muscle just melts away. This is no giant surprise but it takes more effort to put it back on then it does to lose it. With this in mind, even when we are on vacation we should keep moving. Here is the full story.

Since we are on the topic of what happens when you stop, I talk about what happens when you quit diet soda. The benefits include:

Less headaches and more focus

Your Taste buds are more sensitive

The scale moves in the right direction

Bones strengthen

Your attitude towards food changes.

You handle booze better

Fat storage and diabetes risk decrease

Kidney function improves.

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Maybe You Don’t Want to Lose Weight?

I watched the movie bite size on NetFlix. It was very eye opening. You will watch a few over weight teenagers and in the end they don’t want to lose weight. Their parents are spending thousands of dollars, telling them to get off their butt, but its not  working. In one instance, the father of one of the children has a stroke and has to get himself into shape. What happens? The family starts to do activities together and they ALL lose weight. Children are looking for you to lead by example. You can tell them to get off the computer and turn back to the TV where you are eating cheese curls and mountain dew. Do as I say not as I do didn’t work when you were a kid, and it doesn’t work on your kids either.

In multiple scenes you hear where kids (who let’s face it get to do a lot of stuff we didn’t get to) are doing what they need to do to get healthy because ‘They don’t want to.”

My favorite is the girl who is riding an electronic scooter.

An electronic scooter. You’re spending money on fitness camps, and your child has an ELECTRONIC scooter. Get this kid a 10 speed.

If you have children it is a must watch. Here are some link

Bite Size on Amazon instant Video

Bite Size on iTunes