I noticed a trend. During the week I lose weight. During the weekend I don’t. Where am I mostly on the weekend? Restaurants. What am I eating? Bread, bread, and bread. Never ending bowls of stuff. Pizza, steak, and Chinese food. In many cases I’m taking the route to make a better bad choice (dressing on the side, salt free bread sticks). In the end it’s still a BAD decision. I have no real idea what they are doing to my food.

In the book IMPOSSIBLE: How I Lost Nearly 400 Pounds Without Surgery he has taken the stand to NEVER go to restaurants. It’s his problem, and that is how he deals with it. However, he realizes that most people can’t go that route. His solution is to ration yoru visits to four times a YEAR. I go four times a month (and that’s probably why I you-you all over the place).

For now I’m going to monitor how many of my meals I create, and how many I do not . It will be fun to see the ratio. What are your thoughts? Leave them below.

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Is Facebook Making You Fat?

by Dave on July 20, 2014

Why Diet’s Are Doomed

I was at a Casting Crowns concert and Mark Hall the lead singer made a great point. You start a diet when you are full and feel awful. You are inspired by the way you feel. You jump into everything you see. You buy P90X, and schedule time to jog every day after you do the work out, you buy Shakeology and get on the monthly program. It’s Sunday night. You’re pumped up. While you are waiting for the new tools to arrive, something happens. You get hungry. You are strong and ready to take on the world because you’re full.  When you are hungry you get weak. The problem is many times you are not hungry for food. You are hungry for love (ladies) and men you are hungry for respect. You are hungry for sleep, money, and many other things, but you try to fill that hole with food. Stay strong. Identify your weaknesses.

FacebookIs Facebook Making you Fat?

Instead of mirror  mirror on the wall who is the fairest one of all, we are saying smart phone show me the facebook, tell me how my life should look. Tell me tell me instagram, tell me who you think I am. When we compare ourselves to others, we fall into traps. All the sudden the Ford focus we were happy with, is no longer good enough because the neighbor got some new fancy hybrid car with a cooler stereo. We  need to adopt the attitude of gratitude. When we compare ourselves we are guaranteed to find to find something we don’t have and focus on it. This creates a want, that we can’t fill. But we will try – with food. Notice I didn’t say a need. I said it creates a want. Nobody is posting, “Hey I just gained 5 pounds”, or , “My son just got busted for drugs again.” Facebook is not real. Don’t believe the hype. Now I love facebook. It allows me to stay connected with friends and family. I also realize that this is not a 100% true picture of their life.

6 Reasons You’re Gaining Weight

  1. You are following every trend
  2. Your life has changed
  3. You’re getting older (it’s true)
  4. You could use some sleep
  5. You’re losing muscle
  6. It’s time to review what’s working

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Both Sides of ONLY ONE

by Dave on July 13, 2014

just_one_thingWhen we are being tempted we tell ourselves, “Well it’s ONLY ONE.”  So we eat the one doughnut, drink the one mountain dew, the one double cheesburger, the one piece of cake. We practice doing the wrong thing, getting better and better at it.

There is another way to look at this phrase.

My ex-wife used a tool to quite smoking. It measured how often you smoked, and then told you when to smoke by expanding the time between cigarettes until you eventually were smoking  ONLY ONE cigarette a day. It is then believed that at this point if you are down to ONLY ONE – you can quit.

It’s not like you’re asked to give every ounce of money you have, it’s asking for a dollar. It’s not asking you to quit eating, it’s asking you to quit eating one item.

So quit thinking, “It’s only one, it’s not that bad.” Instead think, “Since it’s only one, I can skip it.”

I’m on the Mountain Dew wagon. I was challenged by Dr. David Marlow of Slice Your Life to “just quit.” So I did. As I write this I’m on day three of no dew. At my worst (mid thirties) I would drink a six pack a day. It looked like this:

Get up, and crack the “morning dew”

Crack another one for the 45 minute drive to work.

Get to work and crack a dew to start my day. So it’s 8 am and I’m 36 ounces.

I would have one at lunch, and another one around 3 pm.

Then I would have one with dinner.

Maybe one more if I was watching a movie with my wife

It was routine to have at least six cans of mountain dew.

People would buy me dew for birthdays. It was part of my identity.

Fight the Good Fight

I’ve been fighting it over the years. I know there is nothing nutritious about it. Nothing. I would be “on the wagon” and much like a smoker I would think, “well I’ll have just one.” That would lead to two, and once again I would practice doing the wrong thing, and get pretty good at it. “Just one” is a lie and I know it.”

Yesterday (day two of no dew) come 2 pm I was D R A G G I N G. Luckily, my new office has no vending machines (my old office had an endless supply of dew, chips, cookies, doughnuts). I thought of walking to Lowes (right next door) to have “Just one.” I was soooo tired. Then it came to me. Instead of looking at it as “Just one” I thought, “If I’m truly going to have “just one” and I DON’T have it, I’m giving up ONLY ONE.

I remember a device my ex-wife used to quit smoking. The first week it measured how many cigarettes you smoked, and then after that it would beep when it was time to smoke. Over time it stretched the amount of time between cigarettes until you were smoking one a day. At one a day, the thought was you can kick it. So with me drinking “only one” a day I can kick it.

It was hard. I had to really fight. I got on the phone and called me wife instead. It distracted me, and soon I forgot all about it. I got off the phone and returned to something productive.

You Can Do This:

So if you think you’re only going to have one of whatever it is you crave, if you choose to give it up you’re only giving up one. You can skip one right?