7 Habits of Effective People

by Dave on September 14, 2014

Today I’m wrapping up some of my thoughts on the book IMPOSSIBLE: How I Lost Nearly 400 Pounds Without Surgery

I really like a segment on the 7 habits of healthy people . These inlcude:

  1. Healthy people eat all the time (don’t let yourself run on empty)
  2. Healthy people are prepared (and don’t get food from drive-thru, and vending machines)
  3. Healthy people don’t kill themselves at the gym (nothing crazy)
  4. Healthy people work exercise into their daily routine (park away from the front of the zone, take the stairs).
  5. Healthy people keep it simple (don’t wait till you get the best gear)
  6. Healthy people don’t avoid the doctor
  7. Healthy people grocery shop a lot


Television Challenge – Own Your Actions

by Dave on September 8, 2014

Today I issue the challenge that if you are watching TV you are moving.

Many times when we are sitting watching TV we are also eating not so healthy food.

For me I’m going to watch football on a treadmill, and that goes for the Biggest Loser which starts this Thursday.

Many athletes have lives that are out of control because they are not use to handling consequences. They do whatever they want. We might feel that way too and eat whatever we want, but we need to realize WE are the people who are putting that food in our mouths. We need to own our choices, and accept our consequences.

See if there is a way you can stack a good habit with a bad habit.


Times Up – Breakfast Steps

by Dave on September 1, 2014

Today I talk about a business exercise that works for weight loss, and we look at some stats about the importance of breakfast.