Exercise Any Place Any Time

I’ve been out and about, and I’m glad to be back in front of the microphone.

I got called out of town and with no planning I didn’t have much time to plan. I had awful food choices and no time to exercise. Consequently, I gained week.

Then the following week I get shipped out of time. This time I planned my food, and made a concerted effort to get active. The result? I lost weight. I’m down to 218.8

Cool Quit That App Helps You quit Anything.

You put in what you want to quit, how much it costs you on a daily basis, and the reason you why you should stay away.

Here is a link to the App

4 Great Things Taking Place in the Fast Food World

Dairy Queen swaps sode for milk.water in kids meal

Panera is removing additives

Chipotle is not using GMO chicken

McDonald’s is removing some Antibiotics

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Beachbody Launches Streaming Service of All Programs

 Beachbody creators of P90X, Extreme, and many other top selling programs is now offering all their programs for a fee of $2.99. They bill you quarterly ($38.87), and there is no contract. In addition to the training videos, you get meal plans, discounts on other products, and much more. This is a way to watch on your phone, iPad, or your browser. You could use something like a Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player to blast whatever is in your browser to your television.

For more information (or to try a 30 day trial) go to beachbody.com

Bob Harper’s Six Skinny Habits

Accord to Bob Harper‘s new book is called Skinny Habits: The 6 Secrets of Thin People: Skinny Rules

and in it he talks about these six habits that people who are healthy do. These include:

They plan,
* They push back,
* They re-engineer their environment,
* They challenge themselves
* They rest, and
* They dress for thinness.

Also, Tyson vows to clean up their chicken by 2017.

You can get the audio version of this book for free by going to www.logicalloss.com/audible


Can You Do 7 Minutes for 7 Months?

Seven minutes doens’t sound long until your thighs are on fire. I just downloaded and used the 7 app from Perigee. Here is the specs of this free app.

The goal is to exercise 7 minutes for 7 months. As you do the workouts you unlock new workouts (or you can purchase them for $1.99). You exercise for 30 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. The game part is you start off with three hearts. Every month you get 3 hearts. When you skip a workout, you lose a heart. If you miss three in a month, you’re score goes back to zero. Here are some of the interesting information:


  • No internet access needed. Work out anytime, anywhere!
  • Play songs from your favorite music app in the background
  • Fitness enthusiasts can do multiple circuits for longer workouts
  • Armband friendly : vibration or voice mode indicates when to switch exercises
  • Beautifully designed for both iPad and iPhone in a single app
  • iCloud sync to keep your progress up-to-date on all your devices
  • The “Learn” tab includes pro tips on how to perform each of the 12 exercises

Here is a quick video:

7 Minute Workout “Seven” with High Intensity Interval Training Challenge – Perigee and their other app is Cycles – Period tracker with fertility calendar and reminders for both of you. – Perigee

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