Apple Health App and Two Others Reviewed

by Dave on October 12, 2014

Apple Health App

Apple products are known for their ease of use. That was before the Health app from apple. I spent a lot of time just trying to input my age, sex, weight, etc. The other thing that seems really stupid is you input different ingrediants and minerals, etc individually. So have fun when you eat a salad figuring out how much of each mineral is in your food. This seems really stupid. You can only assume that there is more to his product that I am unaware of. This just seems so NOT an Apple product.

Zombies Run

Fitbit OneNeed some motivation? How about the sound of zombies coming up from behind? The sound on this is great. They really use stereo imaging to make it real. The only thing is there isn't much to do. I gained a bunch of objects, but I have no idea what to do with them .There was another thing missing. Zombies. Oh during the first few missions I was eaten by zombies, but I expected them to come out to play more often. I would often walk 5-10 minutes without a zombie approaching. I did later find out thst I could turn on my music (that would stop it from being boring). You can also listen to podcasts and they will automatically lower the podcast/music so you an hear the zombies or instructions. For me this app posed another problem and that was that it takes up almost 600 megs of storage. I have a 16 gig phone, and that's a chunk. If you are struggling for room for photos, this will be a challenge. I will be the first to say I didn't really give this my all, but out of the gate the game lost my attention and when I saw where future sessions would cost I lost more interest. Zombies Run

Fitbit Challenges

I LOVE my fitbit. It motivates me all the time. When you have friends that motivates me as well. Now they have added more motivational tools in the form of challenges. You can invite your firneds to a daily challenge, a weekend challenge, or a weekday challenge (winners win bragging rights). It's nice to see that other people are finding the time to move, and for me that is motivational. The best thing about the fitbit is they can be as low as $59. I use tie Fitbit one and it goes for around $99. Check out fitbits at


Sodas Are the New Cigarettes

by Dave on October 5, 2014

SodasToday I share some insights into the movie Fed Up from the people of an unconventional truth and has Katie Couric. It is a straight shooting video that points out that we are just being lied to through the media as the food industries continues to feed us information through the media that is just a bunch of lies. You find out that a calorie is not a calorie. There is a great example of 160 calories almonds and 160 calories from a soft drink. You see where the drink just gets burned through the liver and turned into fat.

Where is The Sugar Information?

When I look at a box of Raisin bran, I see the daily percentages for fiber, salt, etc, but not for sugar. That's weird. When I look at a 12 ounce can of Mountain Dew there are 46 grams of sugar. There is no clue what percentage of my daily intake it is. Well according to the World Health Organization, that's because that one can of Mountain Dew (or insert your own sot drink of choice) may have close to DOUBLE the amount of sugar you need PER DAY. That ONE CAN is DOUBLE. They recommend 25 grams (ok, so almost double). The movie explains that sugar in these MAMMOTH amounts is toxic. Our liver can't handle it and we end up turning it into fat. Another cool part of the movie is where they show the tobacco heads telling congress that there is no link to cigarettes and lung cancer. Then the next clip is someone from the soft drink world telling congress that (according to a study that THEY PAID FOR) there is no link to soft drinks and diabetes. Really?

Why Isn't This More Well Known?

Because industry doesn't want it known. We ran tobacco right out of the country (almost), and they don't want to be next. When the mayor of new york tried to ban 64 ounce drinks everyone said he was trying to put in a police state. They get lots of publicity about how the government is trying to put in place a "Nanny state". They don't want it know that 80% of schools take money from Coke & Pepsi. They don't want it know than Pizza is now considered a vegetable (seriously?). How does this happen? Because the company that owns 80% of the pizza marketing in schools makes billions of dollars every year.

You Can Rent The Video at Amazon

You have to see this for yourself. It's a riveting 90 minutes that shows you just how bad we have become.

You Can Download it in iTunes You Can Purchase the DVD

More Information

Here is a report from CNN

Detailed Book About it

One of the doctors featured in the movie has now come out with a book called Fat Chance You can get the fat chance book as an audio book for free Help Support the Show


Change Your Brian – Change Your Experience?

by Dave on September 28, 2014

Today I share with you a couple of tings from an article that states by changing what we call exercise we can actually end up looking forward to it. You can read the full article here.  A couple of quick house keeping notes, I've shut down the Logical Loser's Accountability Club. It put too much strain on my life at the moment. We may reopen later when time and life permits. If I can't do something great, I don't want to do it. Thanks to all for being so understanding. NEW DIET BET STARTS NEXT WEEK The Logical Weight Loss Holiday Kick Off starts next Monday October 5th. Sign up here. It costs $25 and everyone who loses 4% of their starting weight gets to split the pot at the end of the bet. These are fun and if you are competitive these can really be inspirational. Diet Bet - Weight Loss Competition Please note I don't make a dime from this (unless I achieve my bet). Speaking of making a dime, if you would like to be a producer of the show, all donations are DEEPLy appreciated.