Finding What Works for You with Dan Rosado

Finding What Works for You with Dan Rosado

Today I am joined by who does the Big Fat Podcast


Having been overweight for most of his life, Daniel Rosado experiments with his diet and starts to lose weight. The struggles and successes are all documented here as well as interviews with health and fitness experts. If you are ready to take action and make changes to your health, the Big Fat Life Podcast is here to help.

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Today we hear:

  • Daniel's “ENOUGH!” moment
  • How he found a nutritionist
  • What hasn't worked for him
  • His advice for anyone feeling discouraged
  • Dave's carb experiment

His show is Big Fat Life Podcast and is available in Apple and Google

Dan Rosado


On the left is a picture of me at 252lbs after my first 19 lbs weight loss. The pic on the right is me down to 202. I was not into taking pics of myself at 252lbs. But when I lost the first 19, I made the decision share my journey with people. I still have goals ahead. Nothing is impossible

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