The Psychology of Weight Loss With Karina Melvin

The Psychology of Weight Loss With Karina Melvin

I don't normally have interviews but I saw all the credentials of Karina, and how she had multiple degrees in psychology and addition I thought she must have insights that can help us all.

Today you will hear her say things that may make you go, “Wait, what?” but on the other hand if you've been doing the same things for year and all you have to show is a yo-yo weight loss plan, Karina explains how some of the very things I do (restricting my food choices, focusing on calories, and other things) may be the wrong strategies.

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5 thoughts on “The Psychology of Weight Loss With Karina Melvin”

  1. Well, Dave, I would have to slightly agree with your guest because studies do show that when you enjoy the foods you eat our body will produce endorphins, which help with the digestion.

    With that having been said, just because I feel really positive about drinking Gatorade that it is laced with poison or arsenic our bodies will still process that and we will end up dying. So I think it’s a lightweight way of looking at Weight Loss or an oversimplification because there are the physiology and biochemistry of the body, and our digestive system, then a good mindset.

    Great podcast, all the same, I always enjoy your comments on the podcasters Roundtable and this was very enlightening also, it’s just too oversimplified to say that you will lose weight just because your lifestyle is well centered and you’re now happy or feeling good about yourself.

  2. Hi there! I just listened to your podcast interview with Kalina. I was interested in purchasing her book, unfortunately it’s not available in the US on audible. Any idea if her publisher will make it available to US buyers soon? Thanks!

  3. Mark, thanks so much for stopping by. I typically don’t have guests. It more me talking about my own struggles and sharing any inspiration, gadgets, etc that I’ve found online.

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